About Medhas

IP solutions providing comprehensive patent processing including technology analysis using titles and IPC codes, Derwant, novelty and claim analysis in all domains. We have expertise in the fields chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, physics, computer sciences and engineering. We utilize IT enabled tools based on AI to give best results at low cost and manual hours.

By analyzing patent and articles/publication

we provide:

  • Technology landscaping based on client specification using title terms and IPC codes
  • Claim analysis for abstraction services, key terms, indexing, entity identification and classification, Markush and chemical compounds, genes and strains etc.
  • Claim analysis for innovativeness, abstraction and related application
  • Data mining from open source for value add like trade name, trade mark, synonym, acronyms, etc to be included for better representation.

Startup dealing with knowledge processing services including patent analysis, abstraction, annotation, data conversion, semantic tagging and related services, using latest technologies and tools that will dramatically increase content quality into most relevant information.

proposes to provide high quality standard patent analysis, abstract services, indexing, data conversion, semantic tagging, annotation and related services for global clients

Our Proposed Solutions:

  • Exceptional quality standards and turnaround time.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • ‘Pay as you use’ model.
  • Best organizational setup.
  • Fast implementation—already trained/experienced or no special training required.
  • 24X7 technical and subject matter expert support.
  • Flexible with upscalable and downscalable volumes.


Drug spider was online database developed in Partnership with Medhas to provide an overview for pipeline and marketed drugs.

For each drug, Drug spider was providing details such as INN and USAN name, trade name, chemical name, chemical structure, innovator and developer companies, indications, clinical trial data, mechanism of action, CAS number, orphan designation information, fast track status, ATC codes and patent data.